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Autoboot from SD Card
Boot automatically from the MicroSD Card without pressing the boot button during startup
  • Remove the MicroSD Card and plug your BeagleBone Black into a computer via the USB cable.
  • This will boot the image stored on the BeagleBone Black's internal memory (the eMMC) and give you access to a partition which will appear as an external storage device. Open the partition and rename MLO file to something else such as MLO-autobootsd.
  • This will prevent your BeagleBone from booting the image stored on the eMMC, which will cause it to boot the MicroSD Card.

Cloud9 Bug
The BBB can be programmed using several languages, one of which is javascript using the Bonescript library. This is done using Cloud9. Unfortunately, if you finish Cloud9's guided tour, it will mess up the directory where your programs are stored. This also happens if you create programs with an apostrophe in the name. If this happens
  1. Remote into the Beaglebone
  2. Go to /var/lib/cloud9
  3. Move any files you would like to save to the desktop
  4. Delete the cloud9 folder
  5. Recreate the cloud9 folder
  6. Create an autorun folder inside the cloud9 folder
  7. Move the files you copied to the desktop back into the cloud9 folder

Configure LXTerminal
You can change the preferences for the LXTerminal, but for some reason, they don't save. To make changes to the preferences for the LXTerminal permanent, edit the config file located at: ~/.config/lxterminal/lxterminal.conf