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Awhile back I decided to bond with my daughter who likes to sew by creating a stuffed animal stereo. We ordered a kit to make a stuffed animal duck which sat around for maybe a year until we finally sewed it together and stuffed some electronics inside. The result is a duck that plays mp3 files and that can be remote controlled with an Android device.

The hardware inside the duck is mostly from Adafruit:
  • Adafruit "Music Maker" MP3 Shield for Arduino w/3W Stereo Amp
  • Speaker - 3" Diameter - 4 Ohm 3 Watt
  • Tactile On/Off Switch with Leads
  • DIY Sensor Film Kit - 4x6" Small Kit
  • Flora RGB Smart NeoPixel version 2 - Pack of 4
  • 9V battery clip with 5.5mm/2.1mm plug
  • Protoboard (get the good stuff)
  • Stainless Medium Conductive Thread - 3 ply - 18 meter/60 ft

You can pick up a cheap Arduino Uno clone and Bluetooth module from DealExtreme. Be cafeful what you purchase though - not all Arduino clones are created equal. I generally have good luck with the Funduinos (never bought a Funduino Uno, but I've bought a zillion Funduino Nanos and have never had a problem with them).

I got a 4 x AA battery holder with a 9V snap connection on it from Digikey, but you can make just about any 4 x AA battery holder work.