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Components you might want to use on your next robot.
 Part  Part #  Supplier  Notes
Peg Perego - Motor / Gearbox Assembly SAGI9951KWN Great motors for a larger robot when coupled with the BTS7960B motor drivers.
Motor Driver BTS7960B eBay Controls a single motor and is rated for 43 amps continuous draw. Post on with instruction for use (scroll down to jackBlack's post).
 Button 1400 Pololu  Only two leads, so they're not as confusing. The leads are also longer, so they work better with breadboards.


Digikey Mouser Great for reverse polarity protection.
 JST Connector (female) 455-1719-ND Digikey  I like super gluing these to a breadboard so that my students don't accidentally apply power incorrectly to their circuits.
 Regulator (switching) 102-2175-ND Digikey  Great for supplying power to a microcontroller or an embedded computer when you need up to two amps and/or your voltage source is high.