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Custom Arduino IDE

One of the nice things about the Arduino IDE is that it's relatively easy to customize and redistribute. For this reason, I've made the modified version that I use in my classroom available here. To modify the Arduino IDE on Windows, download the ZIP file. Unzip the file, open it, and and add a folder named portable. Now all your libraries and board files will be stored in the portable folder. You can now copy the whole main folder and distribute it however you want. Modifications I made to this distribution include:
  1. Added the following Boards Manager URL:
  2. Added esp8266 boards via the boards manager.
  3. Slated for addition in the future: ATTinyCore by Spence Conde (there are other ATTiny libraries, but this one allows you to control a buzzer)
  4. Added the following libraries:
    • Adafruit_LIS3DH
    • Adafruit_NeoPixel
    • Adafruit_Si7021
    • Adafruit_VS1053
    • ArduinoJson
    • HTTPSRedirect
  5. Slated for addition in future:
    • PinChangeInterrupt (Adds ability to easily attach a Pin Change Interrupt to any pin. For more information on interrupts:
    • DHT sensor library
  6. Commented out all boards not used in my class (the boards file is located: arduino\hardware\Arduino\avr\boards.txt).
  7. Modified the preferences file to include only the following (all other preferences are created once you run the Arduino IDE for the first time):
    In addition to modifying the Arduino IDE, I also install the CP210X drivers on the Windows machines I use (they're needed in order to connect to the Adafruit HUZZAH ESP8266).