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Reimage a Computer with Lubuntu Linux

  1. Plug in the yellow Lubuntu USB drive.
  2. Turn on the computer and repeatedly press F12 until you see Preparing one-time boot menu in the upper right corner.
  3. When prompted to choose a boot device, select USB Storage Device.
  4. When you see the lubuntu installer boot menu, choose Install Lubuntu.
  5. When prompted to choose a language, select English.
  6. When prompted to Download updates while installing Lubuntu and Install third-party software and graphics and Wi-Fi hardware, Flash, MP3 and other media, check both boxes and click continue.
  7. When prompted to choose an installation type, select Erase disk and install Lubuntu. (You may see a couple options that look similar to this one. If you are unsure, ask before proceeding).
  8. A warning will pop up asking if you want to write the changes to disks. Select Continue.
  9. When asked "Where are you?" choose Anchorage.
  10. For the Keyboard layout, select English (US) in both windows.
  11. When you get to the Who are you? screen...
    • If this is a laptop we plan to keep at the school, call me over. I will fill out the name, username, computer name, and password fields.
    • If this is a desktop we plan to send home with a student, use ProjectReboot for the Your name: field and the password. Accept the defaults provided/created by the system for all the other fields.

Install Additional Software & Tweak

(Only for laptops we plan to keep at the school)
  1. Make sure the computer is plugged in.
  2. Make sure the computer is connected to the Internet (plug in an Ethernet cable).
  3. Login to an administrator account (on my computers this will be the mb08353 account)
  4. Click on the Menu button in the lower left corner
  5. Open a terminal window by clicking System Tools >> LXTerminal
  6. Type cd /media/mb08353/Installer to change directories to the script on the USB drive.
  7. Type sudo ./ to run the installation script.
  8. Type in the number that corresponds to the computer you are imaging and press enter.
  9. It will take a fair amount of time to install all the additional software.