Lesson 1: Sensors

 Use the Arduino Software where you can download here if you don't have it already.

To start you need to; know how to use a sensor. For this lesson, we will use the Si7021 temperature/humidity sensor. This is not the same sensor I use in my crawl space. It is slightly different and a little easier to use. Below is code that shows how to print humidity values to the serial monitor.

Copy this code into the Arduino IDE and use the settings shown below:

Modify this program to print temperature data to the serial monitor as well. You will need to use the following command:

To modify the program you need to add the line above right below line 10. Then copy what you did with the humidity sensor.

One you are able to print both humidity and temperature values to the serial monitor, use the code you developed in lessons 2 & 3 to log these values to your Google spreadsheet.